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Elle has radically transformed my life. The initial idea of hiring a coach was scary for me because of the "what ifs" and the financial investment. If you are on the fence, do it. Elle knows wtf she is talking about and she CAN help you. She will not only show up for you and provide what you need, but teach you how to show up for yourself as your best self. My confidence is a work in progress but has skyrocketed since working with her. She is understanding and to the point. If you are in victim mode, she will blatantly help you see which areas need improvement and give you exactly what information you need to direct you out of it. Seriously, hire her. I have read both of her books and listened to her podcasts. If you're looking for a sign, this is it.

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As an actress under the watch of the media, I was hesitant to talk about my thyroid health problems with anyone other than a doctor. What I was not expecting in reaching out to Elle for thyroid help was to have some of our sessions lead into deeper life talks. Elle is intuitive, smart, funny, cool and easy to open up to. She is almost like a big sister to me in my journey of creating more boundaries with the people in my life. I highly recommend her as a life coach. Also, within 3 months, she helped me quickly fix my thyroid issues when not one reputable doctor in Los Angeles was able to help, and I went to all of the ‘best docs’.


I am worth 40 million and most people think this would provide a solid foundation for confidence and happiness, but I was a victim of my own making on a personal level with friends and romantic partners for decades. This caused me great stress and depression. I threw money at material stuff and hired a litany of therapists. Until I met Elle. She introduced me to concepts I might have dismissed in the past because I didn’t believe or know that I could make significant changes. My perspective changed through Elle’s guidance and I got out of the spiral shit-show I was swimming in. It definitely took work on my part, but now I speak up and draw boundaries and don’t fear or attract the worst from people. I overcame my low self-esteem and lack of confidence with dating women and also in friendships. Elle is a great confidante.


I had an idea for a book percolating for about 3 years but I couldn’t muster up the focus to get it flushed out. I had pages of notes but never able to get beyond initial ideas and concepts. I would feel motivated one day and have a bunch of ideas - but I just couldn’t expand on them. Wow did coaching with Elle completely change this. She made my writing dreams come true. She offered insightful and intelligent ideas that I never thought of and asked amazing questions that fired up my creative mind and had me excited and focused on my project. The confidence and pride I feel for finally, finally finishing this book is almost beyond words. I am so proud and fulfilled. I am willing to bet that your writing project will end up better than you could have imagined if you hire Elle to hand-hold you through it.


I always feel recharged, more confident and excited about my life after talking with Elle. She is an island of encouragement and support in a sea of people who will crap on your dreams. But if you have Elle in your corner I believe you can achieve anything because I had a massive 180 degree change in my life in just the first 3 months of working with her. I love chatting with her, we have fun, deep, conversations and even though she has that badass confident personality, she is really loving and truly cares about you and your success. In fact, I don’t think I have met anyone else who loves watching other people succeed as much as she does!


Working with Elle in her confidence course was life changing and life affirming for me. Her guidance and coaching were exactly what I needed to take steps toward becoming more confident, trusting myself more, and breaking some unproductive habits and patterns. From the very first session, I was able to see differences in the way I make decisions, treat myself, and handle my business. I’d recommend this course to anyone who needs a good, honest, loving, kick in the pants to help them realize their value and become more confident about it!


I have had confidence issues for my entire life and the Confidence Course was a game-changer for me! Elle Russ cuts through all the superficial noise and digs deep in this program. She helped me to connect the dots on the deeper reasons for my confidence issues and she effectively pinpointed the specific areas I needed to address.

Elle has vast knowledge in this area and she provided excellent direction on how to approach uncomfortable situations in a practical and effective way.  I was able to apply the principles learned in real-life applications throughout the course. This was definitely one of the best investments I have ever made. I must say this was LIFE-CHANGING!