Elle is the host of the PRIMAL BLUEPRINT PODCAST and co-host of KICK ASS LIFE PODCAST


Elle is a seasoned interviewer, host, and public speaker. Elle hosts two weekly podcasts: The Primal Blueprint Podcast (started by NYT’s best-selling author Mark Sisson) and Kick Ass Life Podcast with co-host Tara Garrison. Scroll down to learn more.

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Primal Blueprint Podcast

Primal Blueprint Podcast

Elle Russ is the host of the top-rated Primal Blueprint Podcast started by Mark Sisson – New York Times Bestselling Author of The Keto Reset Diet and Founder of Primal Kitchen.  You can access the podcast on iTunes and wherever you get your podcasts!

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As a former research biochemist and someone who helps to manage an integrative medical clinic, I feel like a know a fair amount about the thyroid and health. Well, I know enough to recognize someone who leaves my knowledge base in the dust. Elle Russ has put together an amazing resource in The Paleo Thyroid Solution. Whether you are a clinician or just a health conscious consumer, there is so much for you in this book."
- Robb Wolf, New York Times bestselling Author
Kick-Ass Life Podcast


Mindset coaches and health experts Elle Russ and Tara Garrison chat every week about empowering topics related to creating a more abundant, happy, fun, and kick-ass life. Video episodes can be found on YouTube.com/KickAssLifePodcast.

The Paleo Thyroid Solution has the capacity to help millions of people with thyroid-related conditions heal the right way and avoid the pitfalls of misguided medical treatment."
- Mark Sisson, Founder of Primal Kitchen Foods and New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet and The Primal Blueprint

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