Episode #56: Jocelyn Kelly Reid

Season #1 Episode #56

Elle Russ chats with Jocelyn Kelly Reid - A Leading Intuitive Business & Abundance Coach, Feminine Energy Healer, and Money Queen on a mission to lead spiritual women here to make a big impact to get rich, work less, play more, and fall in love with life. 

Jocelyn guides ambitious women to show up in power, on purpose, and to leverage their divine talent so that being the CEO of your business does not include grinding, and crushing your feminine soul. You are here for a juicy AF life. No compromises. You were put on this planet with a gift to share boldly with the world and you deserve to monetize it with ease. This journey does not need to be arduous, slow, or grueling. It is meant to be healing, mind-blowingly profitable, and incredibly soul-fulfilling.

To learn more visit https://www.jocelynkellyreid.com/