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n today's episode

  • What does “Confident As F” mean
  • What are some qualities of confident people?
  • The Downer Effect
  • “parental garbage” and what we need to do about it.
  • What is a NONversation and why should we stop having them.
  • Confident people don’t compete and are not jealous
  • Your victim mentality
  • Faith and confidence
  • Shame

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Your Turn with Ashley Stahl

It is so easy to share the struggles of those who aren’t confident, and yet, when you are confident, alpha, and powerful, there are a surprising handful of pitfalls to overcome. Listen in to learn how to navigate both ends of the spectrum and be truly confident. Elle shares the value of vulnerability, tools to be confident, and accessible.

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Terri Cole - Building Confidence from the Inside

Well, in today’s episode that is exactly what we are addressing – what being confident as F is all about, and who better to speak on this than coach, podcast host, and author of Confident as F*ck: How to Ditch Bad Vibes, Clean Up Your Past, and Cultivate Confidence in Order to Make Your Dreams a Reality, Elle Russ.

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Not Your Average Runner Podcast

Confidence is something that seems elusive to so many of us. If you identify as shy or an introvert, you might feel like it’s a quality that’s simply out of reach for you. But confidence isn’t only for loud, outgoing people. And if showing up authentically and speaking your mind is something you admire in others.

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