Melanie Avalon


n today's episode

  • Elle's Personal Challenges
  • How Innate Is Confidence?
  • Getting Rid Of Parental Garbage
  • Confident People Pitfalls
  • Confidence In Some Areas Of Your Life But Not Others
  • Confidence, Authenticity, And Perceptions
  • Online Dating
  • Dealing With Strangers And Haters
  • Does The Universe "Give Back"?
  • On Confidence And Speaking Up

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Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu

Too often people confuse confidence with bravado or performance. But the most confident people are sometimes the quietest people in the room. That may not be the insight you’d expect from the author of a book called “Confident as F*ck”.

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Paleo Health & Thyroid

Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey

Elle Russ is a writer, actor, health/life coach, and host of the Primal Blueprint podcast. She is becoming the leading voice of thyroid health in the burgeoning Evolutionary Health Movement (also referred to as Paleo, Primal, or Ancestral Health).

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Peak Performers Podcast

#1 Podcast on how to get things done. Learn from Peak Performers in all areas of life and Business. Do you know what to do but can't figure out why you are not executing what you already know? If so, this Podcast will give you the tools, strategies, and psychology to not only break through the choke point but to truly become a Peak Performer.

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