Terri Cole - Building Confidence from the Inside


ould you like to be confident as F*ck? ( So to speak 😉 )

Well, in today’s episode that is exactly what we are addressing – what being confident as F is all about, and who better to speak on this than coach, podcast host, and author of Confident as F*ck: How to Ditch Bad Vibes, Clean Up Your Past, and Cultivate Confidence in Order to Make Your Dreams a Reality, Elle Russ.

Elle brings to light several inspiring questions like: What does it really mean to be confident? And, what are the things (or people) that can get in the way of building more confidence?

I hope you enjoy this lively interview and learn a thing or two about the real path to raising your confidence. When you feel good about YOU, it shows in everything you do!

Listen to the Episode Here

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