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What People Are Saying:

This masterclass was excellent and so easy to understand!

Liliya R.

I first learned about you on the Carnivore MD podcast and you dropped some serious knowledge. I listened to those two podcasts about 10 times and wrote notes. I am sorry we doctors jacked you up but you are helping so many people now. I have listened to you on other podcasts as well and bought your book. Whenever I meet someone with a thyroid issue, I tell them to get your book. I tell them you are not a doctor, but you sure as hell know more than most doctors - including me! I am a Pediatrician but some parents are making appointments to see me because their doctors are failing them. Don't worry, I won’t be a dumbass doctor.

Dr. Osvaldo Villarreal, MD

I saw you first on Facebook, but there are so many people claiming to be thyroid experts on there that you quit listening. Except my daughter told me about your book and masterclass and it helped me and is changing me. You are great at this.

Rita P.

Elle - you’ve changed my life! I’m an MD with 20 plus years of clinical experience & I just fixed my thyroid problem after listening to you! For years I’ve been taking Levothyroxine. However, I felt miserable - cold, constipated, cranky and tired all the time. My hair kept falling out like crazy. I’ve been on a Paleo-Keto-Carnivore journey for over a year / my ferritin levels are perfect. I couldn’t figure it out until I tested my Free T3 - which was super low! I finally got some T3 & now I am checking ALL of my patients! Thank you so much! I’ve bought your books & give ‘em out like candy! Thank you for being kick-ass!

Dr. Maggie Brown, MD

I’ve been researching and reading and on such a quest and in this masterclass you’ve explained the whole deal better than anyone and you’ve given me more hope than anyone that all my symptoms can be fixed.

Kendra G.

Elle Russ, although not a medical doctor, can school just about any doctor on thyroid issues. You would think, endocrinologists would have the best understanding of thyroid conditions and medications, but quite often they seem to be the least informed. If you suffer from low thyroid symptoms, or suspect you do even though your lab results are “normal” — you need Elle’s help

Dr. Ken Berry, MD