Incredible cutting board for meat. Extra large.

Barefoot Dreams makes the best cozy Fall and Winter robe called the Cozy Chic. I have a white one.

I have this Natori robe in pink and blue. This is my Spring and Summer robe. It's amazing and I have bought this as a gift for others many times. 

I tried every legging imaginable over the years, and I even tried many "knock off" lululemons. They all suck. NOTHING COMPARES to Lululemon's ALIGN PANT. I wear a pair EVERY SINGLE DAY - for exercise, out with friends, traveling. THEY ARE THE BEST. ALWAYS HANG DRY.

PJ Salvage has the most amazing clothes for lounging, casual out-and-about, and pajamas. I hang dry all of my PJ Salvage stuff and it keeps it perfect for a long, long time.

I resisted ever buying birkenstocks until a few years ago - because I never liked the look of them. But damn, now I get why everyone loves them - I can't deny that these are the most comfortable, all-day best sandals ever. I wear them every day unless I need a different type of look or I am walking barefoot.

LAmade clothing has amazing flowy, soft fabric and flattering designs. I have several of their dresses and they are some of my favorites. I always tumble dry LAmade clothes in the dryer for about 5 minutes, and then I hang dry them.

ALTERNATIVE clothing has some cute and comfy shorts, joggers, sweatshirts, and shirts. 

I live in California where it's sunny constantly and sunglasses are essential every day, and often critical. KAENON makes the best sunglasses - I won't buy any other brand. They are so LIGHTWEIGHT and wont hurt the bridge of your nose, I can wear them all day. They are polarized and have great designs. I have even bought pairs of their large men's glasses and they look awesome too. Worth every penny.

I am a swimmer and a beach/pool lover and I have tried a million bikinis over my lifetime. I currently own about 15 bikinis. Hands down O'NEILL makes the most flattering bikinis - I love their bottom. They also have super cute clothing and I own a bunch. Pro tip: I never put your suits in one of those swimsuit-water-extractor machines...they will ruin your swimsuits, just wring out the water and hang dry.

These are my favorite every-day underwear - I love them! They have a variety of styles but this one is my favorite.

I have been hiking for 20 years and a few times I have veered away from my favorite hiking shoe to try out another new brand, and it's always a regret. Hands down, THE NORTH FACE makes the best hiking shoes (trail runners). I don't run on trails, but trail runner shoes feel like a gym shoe plus amazing grippy tread on the bottom. The North Face has the best tread. I hike a lot of dry, slippery ground here in California, I never slip with these trail runners. THE BEST! Any North Face trail runner shoe will be amazing! They also last long! I hiked 750 miles during the pandemic in these!

SPLENDID makes very comfy, flattering clothing and if you hang dry them - they last a long time.