Hi. I'm Elle Russ.

 Welcome! A bit about me - I am a #1 bestselling author and master coach with over a decade of experience empowering individuals in more than 20 countries, guiding them towards achieving health, wisdom, and wealth. 

I am the author of The Paleo Thyroid Solution, Confident As Fu*k , and more. I am also the screenwriter of the award-winning documentary film Headhunt Revisited. 

Featured in: Entrepreneur, Success Magazine, Podcasting Magazine, Mind Body Green, Prevention, and more. 

I proudly hold a degree in Philosophy from The University of California, Santa Cruz. I started my adult life in corporate technology and encountered a series of compelling life experiences, including a permanent hand disability - that wondrously paved the way for remarkable self-made success.

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Do you suspect you have thyroid issues? Has a doctor told you that your results are "normal"? Are you already taking thyroid hormones but still suffer from symptoms? I can help you in several ways. 



I offer in-depth, fun and transformative online courses and masterclasses based on my books and areas of expertise. Conveniently, you can access them on any device, even your smartphone.



I love giving exceptional value at no cost. Check out my free guides, free audiobook, and get access to valuable information that can spark major transformation.



At the microphone for 9 years with over 500 episodes and 20 million total downloads. With guest interviews and solo episodes, my content is intended to inspire, educate, and motivate.


Mark Sisson

New York Times Bestselling Author & Founder of Primal Kitchen Foods & Peluva Footwear

"Elle has framed her professional life into one dedicated to helping others‚ÄĒboth healing and nourishing the physical body and also nurturing the spirit.¬†She will help you help yourself, but you are going to have to do the hard work and the deep reflection. Elle is not about subtlety, soft touches, or nuance. She is dedicated to excellence, transformation, and never looking back, feeling sorry for herself, or turning away from a challenge!"

Tanya Stewart Dyer, Esq.

Tanya Dyer, Esq. shows Alpha women & High Net Worth Families, how to end struggle & sacrifice in marriage. 

I know Elle and her work very well.¬†¬†I trust her¬†¬†to assist my own high net worth clients in her areas. And that says everything. She awakens in her people their own inner sense of confidence. That is very different from coaches who simply display strength that their clients ‚Äúmimic‚ÄĚ. She brings it out from INSIDE of you., so it stays with YOU.

I am a coach of Alpha women and an attorney. Elle is an Alpha who excels in her client’s defense. Whatever it is you need to be protected from, feel safe from, understand and unlock…she gives you that safe place. I’m honored to say I trust her and her work.


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