I help ambitious people materialize extraordinary goals - from career aspirations, personal dreams, abundance, to general happiness and fulfillment. I work with high-achieving entrepreneurs, corporate badasses, coaches...and with anyone who wants to significantly level up their self-esteem and confidence in order to live more fulfilling life.


I work with clients on helping them improve their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives. Self-esteem and confidence are the underlying, backbone qualities necessary to achieve life dreams and desires. You need high self-esteem and confidence in every area of your life. A startling 85% of people lack confidence in one or more areas of their life. Confident people are happier people because they tend to be more emotionally stable, have a more constructive outlook, and feel greater self-acceptance. Confidence helps us navigate new situations and challenges with ease.

When you shore up confidence in your life - it emanates from you naturally because it is who you are, instead of a manufactured or fake version of you. When you are truly confident you never have to worry about “imposter syndrome” (The experience of feeling like a phony…you feel as though at any moment you are going to be found out as a fraud—like you don't belong where you are). You also don't have to worry about being jealous of envious of anyone. And you'll never have to worry about being successful, because true confidence creates success!

I work with clients around the world of all cultures, ethnicities, religions, and sexual/gender identities. I don't care what you look like, what god you pray to, or who you love - everyone is welcome to my coaching.



Having confidence provides an ancestral, evolutionary edge. It helps us maneuver challenges, tasks, and social situations without fear - thus propelling us in the direction of realizing our goals and dreams. 

After coaching people all over the world for a decade I can tell you that wealth, success, and notoriety doesn’t make people confident as fu*k at all. Great parenting doesn’t always do it either.

By the way, don’t let someone’s career title or income fool you into believing that's confidence. You can be confident on the outside, and insecure as fu*k on the inside. We mistakenly equate extroverted, forceful personalities with true confidence. Sometimes we make poor judgments as a result, like when choosing a mate, business partner, etc.

Everybody has an area of their life that needs more self-esteem and confidence. You can be a badass boss with wealth, but lack self-esteem and confidence in personal and romantic relationships. You could be really confident in some of your skills and abilities - yet walk through life miserably as a people pleaser.

Sometimes the most confident person in the room is the quietest person in the room. You can be quiet and confident as fu*k. Don’t let reserved personalties or silence fool you into thinking someone lacks confidence.

I attended an all-girls Summer camp in my youth and I love the camp motto:


I exemplify this through the power of perseverance, confidence, self-esteem, and the power of intention.

I love everything that I do and have the honor and privilege of inspiring and helping thousands of people around the world. I have freedom in my life to do what I want, whenever I want.

I can give you an elevated confidence frequency for you to start vibrating from so you can get the most out of your life.


Let me share a bit of my backstory…

After graduating from college, my goal was to make a ton of money so that I could retire young and enjoy life. Pretty ambitious goal. At the age of 22, I was doing it. I became a top producer at a technology-consulting firm in Silicon Valley.

I was generating over 2 million dollars of revenue and managing over 100 consultants throughout the state of California. My clients included Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, AT&T and many more. 

Just as the ink was about to dry on a promotion that would have increased my annual earnings to a quarter of a million dollars…

I got benched by the universe.

A repetitive strain injury with my hands and arms left me rated as 40% disabled by the state of California.



I was horrified and devastated as you might imagine. My ambitious goals and future career plans came crashing down. So did my income. There are only a handful of professions that don’t require the repetitive use of both hands eight hours a day, five days a week (on top of the hand use required to feed yourself, shower, dress, and essentially just exist as a human being).

As you might imagine, I was terribly frightened about my future. I could barely lift a fork to my mouth at the time. I also had intense shame about my disability and I felt like I had been branded with an embarrassing, super shitty identity THAT NO ONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD WANTS.

Massive confidence and self-esteem hit. Major Blow.

I strategized that in order to survive in a hand-dominated world, I would have to find a way to use my voice to make a living. It seemed like the only chance I had.

The first couple of years I spent away from constant computer use really helped heal my arms enough to live a mostly pain-free existence. It also gave me the opportunity to think deeply about what I was going to do with my life ...considering that I was instantly shunned from 99.9% of all professions at the age of 23.

The years I spent away from having financial wealth offered me the realization that my success was never defined by my resume or my bank account. My success was and is currently defined by my perspective, my mindset, and my fulfillment in everyday life. 

My journey had challenging, dark days with lots of tears but I dove head-first into uncharted territories with confidence and perseverance. And you know what, I fu*king nailed it. I am so proud of myself. I want everyone to feel this proud - and I don’t just mean feeling proud of your career or personal accomplishments…I mean feeling proud of who you are on the inside because of the growth you did to love the hell out of yourself.

The dreams and goals I have already accomplished along with experiences that I have manifested - many people thought was impossible.

Bottom line is - I possessed the confidence and self-esteem to follow my passions and dreams despite tons of naysayers and doubters along the way. And despite a major physical disability. You can do anything.

For the full story about my hand injury journey, read Part 6 of my book Confident As Fu*k


My personality type is ENTJ. We are the rarest personality type - only 3% percent of the population. ENTJ’s are referred to as the Commander personality - natural-born leaders who possess the innate drive to lead others. The ENTJ personality type is a highly motivated and focused person who sees just about everything by focusing on the bigger picture.

ENTJs thrive by setting long-term goals and making highly analytical decisions. ENTJ’s embody the gifts of charisma and confidence, and project authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. They firmly believe that they can achieve any goal and this quality makes people with the Commander personality type hold a long-term focus while executing each step of their plans with determination and precision. Commanders are a force to be reckoned with.

Private coaching and mentorship with me is right for you if...

  • You want to excel in profound ways in all areas of life
  • You want to be admired and respected
  • You want to be a leader
  • You want to feel inspired and motivated
  • You want to fearlessly manifest your goals and dreams
  • You want better relationships of all kinds
  • You want to speak up more in life
  • You want to create and honor more boundaries with others and with yourself
  • You want to be free from codependency
  • You want to be happy and feel immensely grateful
  • You want to succeed
  • You want to finally pursue that dream you have been hiding from.
  • You just want to be happier


I have been coaching clients all over the world for a decade, and I love helping people embrace and embody their potential.

Are you following your passions and immersed in your purpose? Are you ready for expansion in confidence and unknown possibilities? If so, I can work with you to:

  • Master confidence and self-esteem 
  • Manifest unknown possibilities
  • Level up your mindset
  • Cultivate joy and fulfillment
  • Step into your purpose
  • Embody the energy of the kind of person you want to be in this world.

It is never too late to overhaul your life. I get results by transforming my clients lives, not merely improving them. I also don’t BS people. Ever. I tell it like it is and my clients always get my honest opinion and feedback.


The man who ignited the coaching trajectory in my life is health celebrity Mark Sisson - New York Times bestselling author, the publisher of my 1st book, and founder of Primal Kitchen Foods. Mark is an industry leader and business genius who has helped millions of people. I hosted Mark’s Primal Blueprint Podcast for 7 years with 500+ episodes and 20 million downloads. 


We will put our heads together and do whatever it takes for you to get exactly what you need and want the most. I offer world-class coaching anchored in personal attention. I work differently with everyone, simply because every client is different. I don’t follow any templates. I cater to you and your unique needs.

The truth is, your growth is up to you and I cannot force you to do the work. Here is what I can do: I can show up authentically and with integrity, support you, and share everything I know with you. I can brainstorm with you, empower you, and encourage you. I can be your confidante.

I can help you to see aspects of your life differently. I can help you release the limiting ideas and stories that are holding you back. 

Even coaches have coaches because we know how valuable it is! Having a life coach changed my own life many years ago. I've had the same life coach for 15 years and I do not hesitate to call him during times when I get in my own way and cannot coach myself out of it. I cherish our connection and I foster that same environment for my clients.



I ask that you show up to each call with an agenda and I can show up authentically and with integrity to support you, and share everything I know with you. I can brainstorm with you, empower you, and encourage you. I can be your confidante.


Coaching success depends upon the connection between my client and I, and after your application is reviewed and accepted I will offer you a 30-minute consultation call to make sure we are a good fit. 

Pushy sales tactics make me cringe, so you won't feel any pressure or judgement from me. If I don't think I can offer what you need, I will be honest.

Neither of us has to make a decision on the spot; we will take a day to think things over.

Note that confidentiality and discretion are always guaranteed. When your application is accepted, you or your representative can contact me prior to the call if you would like me to sign a non-disclosure agreement.