I empower women who are fueled by a passion to acheive life goals and dreams - through confidence, intention, and action.

Throughout many years of coaching, I have had the privilege of successfully coaching a very diverse range of clients, including entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, celebrities, stay-at-home moms, professional athletes, and fellow authors and coaches. My clients have spanned a wide age range, from 18 to 74 years old.

Your life goals, your dreams‚ÄĒlet's make them happen.

Aside from being a self-made success, I have over a decade of experience as a coach. Being born in 1973, I have accumulated a vast amount of experience, wisdom, and insights throughout my life - a valuable asset in my coaching practice. I am also the #1 bestselling author of The Paleo Thyroid Solution and Confidence As Fu*k.


Listen to a Testimonial - Lauren Grace Martinson

Lauren is a superstar clinical hypnotherapist and coach - she was a private client and also in my former group confidence course.

Coaching Testimonial
Lauren Martinson

Get It Figured Out

With A Master Coach

Working with me is essentially hiring an uplifting confidante who is dedicated to offering you a space to talk about your life freely without judgement. I also never BS people - what you get with me, is an ultra-authentic pal.

I’ve helped clients gain clarity about their desires, work through restrictive beliefs, make forward-thinking changes, and create successful lives that they love.

You are capable of achieving more than you probably give yourself credit for. You can become the best of whoever you are, and I would love to help you.


  • Your life is kind of blah, and you want to make meaningful changes.
  • You are unfulfilled¬†or unhappy in your current relationship(s) or career.
  • You want to be successful
  • You need help cultivating more self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence.
  • You are you ready to finally follow your passion or purpose and stop thinking and talking about it.
  • You need unbiased guidance¬†for making a significant decision or navigating a transition.
  • You are curious about intention.
  • You are looking for an encouraging and supportive¬†coach who genuinely believes in you.
  • You¬†need hand-held guidance through a writing project or with¬†course¬†creation.



In a world filled with millions of coaches, why me? Aside from my personal life experience and over a decade coaching others - I truly believe that you are worthy of a better life and lifestyle. I also love the feeling of being happy for others and helping them succeed.

I am your ultimate life cheerleader and pep-talker. You and I are here to move forward and not dwell on (or judge) the past. I believe perceived failures in life are just feedback and not condemnation of you or your character. We can create gold from anything you might feel has been a “failure" or a "mistake".



  • Master Coach: Over 2,500 hours of coaching experience.¬†
  • I hold a degree in Philosophy from¬†The University of California, Santa Cruz.¬†Scroll down the page to see¬†why I think philosophy helps.
  • I love coaching, and coaching with me works. Clients often tell me that they feel much better (and excited about their future) from¬†the very first session.
  • I created a wonderful life for myself. I am happy, successful,¬†I have a tribe of wonderful friends, and I¬†am in a¬†loving relationship.
  • I was sort of coaching long before I did it professionally. While working in the corporate world and living in San Francisco, I was certified in 1996 by the Shanti Project and worked as a 1:1 peer volunteer.¬†Shanti Project is a nonprofit that builds 1:1 human connections to reduce isolation and ease the suffering that can accompany illness, and combat it through the power of personal connection.

I empathize with struggle and adversity. I was physically disabled at 22 years old from a 6-figure career, and then I got smacked with severe hypothyroidism at 30 years old. There were some hills to climb up in this joint! 

In 2006 I dove into self-improvement, and my life has never been the same since. 

My life thus far has been an incredibly fun, dream-come-true ride. I know from experience the stark difference between living life without inner and outer guidance. It's messier.

It can be easier. 

Because of my past, I can deeply empathize with shame, embarrassment, chronic pain, hopelessness, heartache, struggle, and confusion. I have experienced a diverse range of life's aspects and my coaching comes from deep experience. 

I'll meet you where you are, and we will fuel you towards a new trajectory.

 Together we will pave the way


Aside from life coaching, my credentials as a #1 bestselling author, screenwriter, and a successful course creator, set a foundation for creative mentorship rooted in genuine expertise and experience.

This ensures that you learn from someone who truly walked the path prior to coaching it. So, if your main goal is to pen a book, craft a screenplay, become a public speaker, or design online courses that resonate and engage, I can offer you that specific guidance and support needed to bring those visions to life.

Tanya Stewart Dyer, Esq.

Tanya Dyer, Esq. shows Alpha women & High Net Worth Families, how to end struggle & sacrifice in marriage. 

I know Elle and her work very well.¬†I trust her¬†to assist my own high net worth clients in her areas. And that says everything. She awakens in her people their own inner sense of confidence. That is very different from coaches who simply display strength that their clients ‚Äúmimic‚ÄĚ. She brings it out from INSIDE of you, so it stays with YOU.

I am a coach of Alpha women and an attorney. Elle is an Alpha who excels in her client’s defense. Whatever it is you need to be protected from, feel safe from, understand and unlock…she gives you that safe place. I’m honored to say I trust her and her work.



In 1995 I earned a degree in philosophy from The University of California, Santa Cruz. My degree provided a strong foundation for my career as a coach. While philosophy and coaching might seem unrelated at first glance, many of the skills and insights gained through the study of philosophy are directly applicable to coaching. Here's how my philosophy degree contributes to my coaching.

  • Active listening and empathy
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Ethical decision-making
  • Communication skills
  • Adaptability and open-mindedness
  • Self-reflection and self-awareness
  • Understanding human behavior


As your coach, my goal is to help you achieve what you need and want the most. I provide coaching that is tailored to your unique needs, anchored in personal attention. Unlike following templates, I work differently with each client because every client is different.

What I care about, is having dedicated clients who are present and committed. 

It's important to acknowledge that your growth is ultimately up to you; I cannot force you to do the work. However, I can show up authentically and with integrity, providing support, knowledge, and brainstorming sessions to empower and encourage you. As your confidante, I'm here to help you see aspects of your life differently and release happiness-blocking beliefs and actions that may be holding you back.

Mark Sisson

New York Times Bestselling Author & Founder of Primal Kitchen Foods & Peluva Footwear

"Elle has framed her professional life into one dedicated to helping others‚ÄĒboth healing and nourishing the physical body and also nurturing the spirit.¬†She will help you help yourself, but you are going to have to do the hard work and the deep reflection. Elle is not about subtlety, soft touches, or nuance. She is dedicated to excellence, transformation, and never looking back, feeling sorry for herself, or turning away from a challenge!"


Start with a 60-minute Power Session to experience my coaching firsthand before committing to additional sessions or a full coaching package.

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