I empower women who are fueled by a passion to achieve remarkable success - through confidence, intention, and action. *And if your health is wavering - I got you covered there too.

Throughout many years of coaching, I have had the privilege of successfully coaching a diverse range of clients, including high-achieving entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals, corporate professionals, celebrities, dedicated stay-at-home parents, professional athletes, as well as authors and coaches. My clients have spanned a wide age range, from 18 to 74 years old.

Your goals, your journey‚ÄĒlet's make it happen.

Aside from being a self-made success, I have over 15 years of experience as a coach. Being born in 1973, I have accumulated a vast amount of experience, wisdom, and insights throughout my life. A valuable asset in my coaching practice.

Achieve Success, Abundance, and Well-Being with Expert Coaching

My private coaching epitomizes the essence of self-made success and growth. My journey from being 40% physically disabled and financially broke to becoming a beacon of success without reliance on external resources is a testament to the power of my resilience, focused intention, and effective strategies. I stand as living proof that it is possible to emerge from nothing and ascend to heights of success and abundance you've only imagined. Below are my areas of coaching expertise.


As a true example of self-made success, I bring to you the lessons from my own life's transformation. Whether you're starting from scratch or aiming to elevate your current success, I provide personalized coaching centered on building confidence, harnessing focused intention, and applying success strategies that work. Together, we'll transform your aspirations into tangible successes, guiding you toward financial freedom, career advancement, and a life of prosperity.


My credentials as a #1 bestselling author, screenwriter, and a successful creator of impactful online courses in fields outside the realm of "course creation" coaching, set a foundation for mentorship rooted in genuine expertise and diverse experience. This distinct perspective ensures you learn from someone who truly walked the path prior to coaching it. If your goal is to pen a book, craft a screenplay, or design online courses that resonate and engage, I offer the guidance and support needed to bring your visions to life.


For those seeking not just success but a balanced and healthy life, we can always integrate a personalized wellness plan that aligns your physical health with mental resilience. Leveraging my expertise as a #1 bestselling health author and expert in paleo, primal, and ancestral health, I advocate for lifestyle changes that empower you to thrive in every aspect of your being. If you have thyroid issues and need private coaching CLICK HERE.

My coaching transcends the traditional client-service model, evolving into a partnership that honors your unique goals, values, and aspirations. Through a combination of proven strategies, personalized attention, and unwavering support, I am dedicated to helping you navigate the journey towards living the life you've always dreamed of.

Embrace the transformation. Together, we will unlock your potential and pave the way to a life filled with success, abundance, and well-being.


I work with clients around the world of all cultures, ethnicities, religions, and sexual/gender identities. I don't care what you look like, what god you pray to, or who you love - everyone is welcome to coach with me.


Coaching and therapy are both valuable tools ‚ÄĒ but their focus, approach, and outcomes differ.

Coaching is a collaborative process that helps you identify and achieve your goals in various areas of your life, such as career, finances, relationships, or personal growth.

In contrast, therapy is a process of diagnosing and treating mental health conditions.

Coaching focuses on the present and future, helping you develop self-awareness, clarify your values and priorities, and create actionable plans to achieve your goals and dreams. Coaching is ideal if you are looking to enhance your personal or professional life, gain clarity about your purpose, or navigate through challenging transitions, such as career changes, relationship issues, and more.

Coaching can be more beneficial than therapy in some cases because it is a proactive and results-oriented approach that helps you develop skills, strategies, and habits that can improve your quality of life in the long term. Unlike therapy, coaching does not focus on diagnosing and treating mental health conditions but rather on empowering you to reach your full potential, increase your confidence, and overcome limiting beliefs that might be holding you back from achieving your goals in life.

Listen to a Testimonial - Lauren Grace Martinson

Lauren is a superstar clinical hypnotherapist and coach - she was a client from my former live group confidence course and a private coaching client. I also invited her to be a guest on my podcast to talk about her work and the benefits of hypnosis - If you would like to listen to that episode...it's #27 on The Elle Russ Show 

Coaching Testimonial
Lauren Martinson


After graduating from UC Santa Cruz in 1995, my goal was to make a ton of money so that I could retire young and enjoy life. A very ambitious plan that most people wish for. At the age of 22, I was achieving it! I became a top producer at a technology-consulting firm in Silicon Valley, California. I was generating over 2 million dollars of revenue and managing over 100 consultants throughout the state of California. My clients included Fortune 500 companies like Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, AT&T and many more. I had a huge private office with a beautiful view and a closet full of expensive suits.

Just as the ink was about to dry on a promotion that would have increased my annual earnings to a quarter of a million dollars…

I got benched by the universe.

A repetitive strain injury with my hands and arms left me in chronic pain and I was rated 40% disabled by the state of California.


I was horrified and devastated as you might imagine. I suddenly felt "less than". I felt ashamed and embarrassed for being disabled and having something "wrong" with me. My ambitious goals and future career plans came crashing down. So did my income. There are only a handful of professions that do not require the repetitive use of both hands 8+ hours a day, five days a week...on top of the hand use required to feed yourself, shower, dress, and basically just exist as a self-sufficient human being.

As you might have concluded, I was very frightened about my future. I could barely lift a fork to my mouth at the time. I also had intense shame about my disability and I felt like I had been branded with an embarrassing, super crappy identity THAT NO ONE IN THE WORLD WANTS.

This injury was a massive hit to my confidence and self-esteem on a variety of levels.

I reasoned that in order to survive in a hand-dominated world, I would have to find a way to use my voice to support myself. It seemed like the only chance I had.

The first couple of years I spent away from constant computer use helped heal my hands and arms enough to live without chronic pain and only contend with occasional flare-ups. It also gave me the opportunity to think deeply about what I was going to do with my life, considering that I was instantly unhireable from 99.99% of all professions in the world at the age of 23.

During this time I realized that my success was never defined by my resume or my bank account. My success was and is currently defined by my perspective, my levels of self-esteem and confidence, and my happiness and fulfillment in everyday life. 

My journey had many dark days filled with lots of tears but I dove head-first into uncharted, scary waters with confidence and perseverance. And you know what, I nailed it. I am self-made and proud of myself. I want everyone to feel this way - and I don’t just mean feeling proud of your career or personal accomplishments...I mean feeling proud of who you are on the inside because of the growth you did to love the heck out of yourself and pursue your dreams!

The goals and dreams I have accomplished thus far in life, along with so many amazing experiences that I have materialized...many people thought were impossible.

I followed my passions courageously - despite the haters, naysayers, and doubters along the way. And despite a significant physical disability accompanied by debilitating shame. 

You can do it too.

For the full story about my hand disability journey, read or listen to Part 4 of my book Confident As Fu*k


In 1995 I earned a degree in philosophy from The University of California, Santa Cruz. My degree provided a strong foundation for my career as a coach. While philosophy and coaching might seem unrelated at first glance, many of the skills and insights gained through the study of philosophy are directly applicable to life coaching. Here's how my philosophy degree contributes to my success as a life coach:

  • Active listening and empathy: Philosophy students learn to engage in active listening and develop empathy by understanding and considering different perspectives. As a life coach, these skills are essential for building rapport with clients, understanding their needs, and helping them navigate their challenges.
  • Critical thinking: Philosophers are trained to analyze complex ideas and think critically. This skill is invaluable for a life coach, as it enables them to help clients assess their beliefs, identify patterns in their thinking, and challenge limiting assumptions.
  • Problem-solving: Philosophy students develop strong problem-solving skills through analyzing and dissecting complex philosophical problems. As a life coach, this ability can help clients find creative solutions to their own challenges, set realistic goals, and develop actionable plans.
  • Ethical decision-making: Studying philosophy often involves exploring ethical theories and principles, which can inform a life coach's approach to guiding clients through difficult decisions. A strong ethical foundation can help a life coach provide sound advice and maintain professional integrity.
  • Communication skills: Philosophy students learn to articulate complex ideas clearly and concisely, which is a vital skill for life coaches. Effective communication enables life coaches to convey ideas, provide feedback, and facilitate meaningful conversations with clients.
  • Adaptability and open-mindedness: Philosophy encourages questioning assumptions and considering alternative viewpoints. As a life coach, this open-mindedness can help adapt to different clients' needs and tailor coaching approaches to best suit each individual.
  • Self-reflection and self-awareness: The study of philosophy often involves introspection and self-examination, which can lead to increased self-awareness. A life coach with strong self-awareness can better understand their own biases, strengths, and weaknesses, ultimately leading to more effective coaching.
  • Understanding human behavior: Philosophy often explores questions related to human nature, motivation, and behavior. This knowledge can help a life coach better understand the factors influencing their clients' actions and choices, providing valuable insights for guiding clients towards personal growth.

Tanya Stewart Dyer, Esq.

Tanya Dyer, Esq. shows Alpha women & High Net Worth Families, how to end struggle & sacrifice in marriage. 

I know Elle and her work very well.¬† I trust her¬† to assist my own high net worth clients in her areas. And that says everything. She awakens in her people their own inner sense of confidence. That is very different from coaches who simply display strength that their clients ‚Äúmimic‚ÄĚ. She brings it out from INSIDE of you., so it stays with YOU.

I am a coach of Alpha women and an attorney. Elle is an Alpha who excels in her client’s defense. Whatever it is you need to be protected from, feel safe from, understand and unlock…she gives you that safe place. I’m honored to say I trust her and her work.

As your coach, my goal is to help you achieve what you need and want the most. I provide coaching that is tailored to your unique needs, anchored in personal attention. Unlike following templates, I work differently with each client because every client is different.

It's important to acknowledge that your growth is ultimately up to you; I cannot force you to do the work. However, I can show up authentically and with integrity, providing support, knowledge, and brainstorming sessions to empower and encourage you. As your confidante, I'm here to help you see aspects of your life differently and release success-blocking beliefs that may be holding you back.


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