Created by Elle Russ, world-renowned thyroid expert and #1 bestselling author of The Paleo Thyroid SolutionIncludes extensive tutorials from Dr. Gary E. Foresman MD and other health experts.

The Ultimate Thyroid Course provides you with the in-depth guidance necessary to solve thyroid issues, achieve vibrant health, and optimize thyroid fat-burning hormone metabolism. 

Over 200 million people worldwide and over 25 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease, but 60% are undiagnosed and unaware of their condition. Why is this? The majority of endocrinologists and doctors are following 40-year-old outdated, conventional thyroid wisdom. They are uninformed.

Undiagnosed (or mistreated) hypothyroidism can put you at risk for serious conditions, such as: depression, hormonal imbalances, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, gynecological issues (infertility, miscarriages, fibroids, PCOS etc.), adrenal fatigue, anemia, and more.



  • Are you discouraged and depressed? Are you starting to wonder if you will ever get better?
  • Are you exhausted? Do you feel like you have no energy and you can’t even deal the basic things in life - like preparing meals, multi-tasking, or enjoying time with friends and family?
  • Are you doing your best with diet and exercise but you cannot lose weight no matter what you try? Maybe you are GAINING weight despite your efforts?
  • Is your hair thinning or falling out?
  • Do you have brain fog and lack of focus? Do you feel like you are getting dumber? if something negative is happening to your brain? Do you struggle to retain information or can't seem to find the words to express yourself?
  • Have doctors tried to help, but failed? Or have they told you, "Your thyroid is fine."?
  • Has anxiety crept into your life? 
  • Are you a woman who has experienced miscarriages, infertility, or other gynecological issues like PCOS, heavy bleeding, low sex drive, uterine fibroids, etc?
  • Are you a man who has a low sex drive, low energy, disrupted sleep, poor exercise recovery, and/or plummeting testosterone levels?
  • Are your Hashimoto's antibodies really high and you have no idea how to bring them down and under control?
  • Are you on thyroid hormone replacement but you still have hypothyroid symptoms and your doctor keeps telling you that it isn't your thyroid and that your levels are fine?
  • Do you have a T4 to T3 conversion issue (or a Reverse T3 problem) and your doctor is clueless about how to fix it?
  • Are you feeling like you don't even have the motivation and wherewithal to solve this, even though you know you need to? 

If any of the above sounds like you, I get it. That used to be me!

Lindsay P. 

"I’m still going through the course, but just all of the clarity I have gained. I have a background in the medical field as an RN, but what Elle is teaching is so much more advanced than what I even thought I knew. I’ve gained knowledge to educate not only myself but my provider in helping treat my thyroid issues. I have also loved the nutrition guidance!"


  • Anyone suffering with thyroid issues (General Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's Disease, Reverse T3 Issues, RAI, Thyroidectomy).
  • MD's and health professionals and practitioners who are struggling to effectively treat thyroid patients.
  • Health coaches who desire in-depth knowledge on thyroid issues in order to assist their clients.

Maggie Brown, MD 

"Elle - you’ve changed my life! I’m an MD with 20 plus years of clinical experience & I just fixed my thyroid problem after listening to you! For years I’ve been taking Levothyroxine. However, I felt miserable - cold, constipated, cranky and tired all the time. My hair kept falling out like crazy. I’ve been on a Paleo-Keto-Carnivore journey for over a year / my ferritin levels are perfect. I couldn’t figure it out until I tested my Free T3 - which was super low! I finally got some T3 & now I am checking ALL of my patients! Thank you so much! I’ve bought your books & give ‘em out like candy! Thank you for being kick-ass!"


  • Why the thyroid gland is the master gland and how thyroid hormones affect every part of your physical health and mental/emotional well-being
  • The correct blood tests to diagnose hypothyroidism and how to interpret results. 
  • A wide variety of specific thyroid hormone dosing protocols to optimally address hypothyroidism using thyroid hormone replacement (Including the use of T4, NDT & T4/T3 combinations, and T3-only)
  • How to manage Hashimoto's Disease (A common autoimmune thyroid disorder)
  • How to tackle Reverse T3 issues (Thyroid hormone resistance or T4 to T3 conversion issues).
  • How to lose the insidious fat and weight gained from thyroid issues
  • How to address digestive and gut issues such as: Constipation, SIBO, leaky gut, candida, and more
  • Detoxification methods for a variety of issues including: Heavy metals, mold toxicity, plastics, and more
  • How to find a good doctor or help educate your current doctor
  • An MD’s perspective on why and how doctors are uninformed and still practicing outdated thyroid protocols (in-depth commentary and tutorials from integrative physician Dr. Gary E. Foresman, MD)


All the tools you need to solve your thyroid issues and achieve vibrant health.


It is likely due to one (or both) of these reasons:
  1. You have an uninformed doctor, endocrinologist, or health practitioner who is clueless about how to fix it.
  2. You are uninformed about your condition, and as a result - you cannot help yourself so you cannot help your doctor help you! This is why you need to enroll in the course!

 Desi Pinheiro 

"After 14 years of struggling with hypothyroidism and refusing to take thyroid hormone replacemment because I did not understand what my labs were saying and what the meds would actually do, I am finally on the path to an optimized thyroid! I have been dealing with Hashimoto’s Disease since 2008. I started following a primal/paleo diet in 2010 and made great strides in managing my symptoms but I was still hypothyroid (I know now that even though many times my thyroid was technically testing within “normal range”, it wasn’t normal).

The Ultimate Thyroid Course changed everything for me. I am currently on a path to optimization and have so much hope. Aside from that, I am a Primal Health Coach. After completing the course, I posted online about how much I learned from it and was immediately bombarded with messages from other women who are having the same issue and are desperate for help. Because of this course, I get to help myself and so many others now. I cannot say enough good things.

Thank you, Elle Russ, and all the fantastic people you brought in to create this course!"


I suffered for about 7 years of my life due to undiagnosed and mistreated hypothyroidism - and also Reverse T3 hypothyroidism. Unfortunately, my story is not unique, because like millions of thyroid patients, I was unable to find a doctor or an endocrinologist who was informed enough to fix my hypothyroidism. Most of you can't either. I get it. That's why you are here. I am soooo happy to help you finally solve this!

Hypothyroid symptoms showed up in 2004. After two miserable years of being misdiagnosed and undiagnosed, I finally took my health into my own hands and became my own advocate and patient (and basically became my own doctor). It was a scary place to be, feeling neglected by the medical community and the more than 50 highly regarded physicians I had spoken to.

If I had trouble finding a doctor to help me in a major international city like Los Angeles, California - I cannot even imagine how hard it would be to go through this ordeal in the smaller towns and cities throughout the United States and elsewhere in the world.

When I decided to reject the dead-end mainstream medical journey I was on, my body and health were deteriorating so rapidly that I spent every day in full-blown misery, riddled with more than thirty hypothyroid symptoms. Trying to start with a clean slate and be open to all possibilities, I ordered my own lab work, and went about FIXING IT MYSELF.

And it worked. It worked phenomenally well.

For a while.

I was hit with a second bout of hypothyroidism in 2011 called Reverse T3 Hypothyroidism—a once rare though increasingly common thyroid issue that most doctors have no idea how to test for or how to fix.

For the second time in ten years, I was on my own again, having to doctor myself back to health.

Once again, I was successful! I treated my own Reverse T3 hypothyroidism issue with T3-only thyroid hormone replacement.

I have not suffered since.












I know that millions of you feel the same way because I have worked with clients in over 23 countries and this uninformed doctor problem is everywhere. 

Uninformed doctors keep thyroid patients sick. 

I created this entire course to steer you into a life of vibrant health and well-being, and present you with true hope, encouragement, and detailed plans to fix your thyroid issues.

I share everything I know with you - along with other experts in the field. This is one of my missions in life, getting you from sickness to health as fast as possible. 


The thyroid is the master gland of the human body. The thyroid gland controls the metabolic rate of every organ in the body, from the production and regulation of sex hormones, adrenal hormones, body temperature, growth development, brain function, and heart rate, to every other element that keeps your body functioning.

Inadequate thyroid hormones in the human body will ultimately contribute to a miserable existence, likely rampant with diseases and health problems. 


"Just wanted to let you know that I bought your ultimate thyroid course and really enjoyed it. My son was diagnosed with Hashimoto's when he was four years old. They immediately placed him on levothyroxine and have not really done anything to move away from that yet, but now that I have the knowledge - I am looking forward to finally being able to help my son!"

Oleg Frank, MD 

"Just wanted to mention that I am a physician, conventionally trained, and this had opened my eyes into looking further into thyroid/paleo. I have been screening patients, and have been noticing improvements in patient's symptoms on NDT and T3 only therapy. Thank you again!"



Listen to an audio clip from Dr. Gary E. Foresman MD's thyroid tutorial - exclusively available in The Ultimate Thyroid Course

From The Ultimate Thyroid Course
Gary E. Foresman MD


Cara was mistreated with Synthroid (T4-only/Levothyroxine) for hypothyroidism by an uninformed endocrinologist for eight years, and during that time suffered from miscarriages, asthma, a variety of food and other rare allergies—along with weight gain, depression, and severe exhaustion. Listen to a clip from her success story.

Hashimoto's & Paleo Success Story - Clip
Cara Haun


After thyroid cancer surgery, Carrie Forrest suffered at the hands of her uninformed endocrinologists until she found Elle Russ' book and Dr. Gary E. Foresman MD. She has been thriving ever since. Carrie is the founder of Clean Eating Kitchen, where she shares easy and nourishing recipes and resources. She is also the host of the Clean Eating for Women podcast, featuring interviews with health experts. Carrie’s work inspires women to take control over their health, with a focus on holistic and natural healing. Listen to a clip from her success story.

Thyroid Cancer Success Story
Carrie Forrest


Brad Kearns is a New York Times Bestselling author and a health expert in paleo, ancestral, keto, and carnivore nutrition. Listen to a clip from his in-depth Paleo-Primal-Keto tutorial - exclusively available in The Ultimate Thyroid Course.

From The Ultimate Thyroid Course
Brad Kearns


Throughout my thyroid journey I came to realize that no one cares more about your health and wellbeing than you. This is why, in the event that you get diagnosed with a disease or health condition, it is critical to learn all that you can about the topic—because you might be able to help yourself by helping your doctor help you. An alarming number of doctors are uninformed (even thyroid specialists)!

It is called the “practice of medicine” for good reason… science and medicine evolve and change over time but unfortunately, uninformed doctors do not grow and change with it. When you dive deep into whatever is ailing you, often you can learn something that can help your doctor practice medicine with you and move beyond their shallow understanding of a medical topic.

Such is the case with thyroid conditions. There are too many doctors practicing outdated conventional thyroid wisdom, and as a result, hypothyroid patients are still suffering. Some patients lament, “I have been struggling with thyroid issues for 15 years!” 


Anyone struggling with thyroid issues for years is solely the result of being with a doctor who is uninformed about ordering the correct lab work, properly diagnosing and accurately assessing that lab work, and then treating the patient effectively and efficiently. You need to be informed in order to solve hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, Reverse T3 issues, post radioactive iodine treatment (RAI), post thyroidectomy (removal of the thyroid gland often due to thyroid cancer), and Graves disease (hyperthyroidism).

If I could go back in time...instead of wasting years suffering and spending thousands of dollars on uninformed doctors who couldn't help me, I wish I had the opportunity to spend a fraction of that money on educating myself. I would have been so much farther ahead and would have spent a lot less time suffering. I am thrilled to offer you the opportunity that I never had, with this in-depth course.

 Sheila M. 

“This course is incredible and I found myself re-watching and re-listening to several modules. The way Elle captures and explains thyroid issues and various solutions is so easy to understand and I have never heard anyone explain this topic so well. The expert tutorials and success stories in the course were valuable and very encouraging. I highly recommend!” 


I had all but three or four symptoms on the list below. Many symptoms are not visible to others. All too often - doctors, family members, and friends think these symptoms are in one’s head, somehow fabricated by a hypochondriac human mind. These symptoms are not only very real, they are rampant in people suffering from undiagnosed or mistreated hypothyroidism and thyroid disorders.

I was told nothing was wrong with my thyroid by several doctors - when I was seriously hypothyroid. I was misdiagnosed with PCOS, and I was mistreated and under-dosed on thyroid hormones...and other doctor horror stories. I have been HYPOthyroid and also HYPERthyroid so I know what both feel like.

Thankfully, I solved it for myself and have been able to help thousands of people around the world do the same. I feel amazing with no hypothyroid symptoms. I have been taking thyroid hormone replacement for 16 years now. 


  • Cold hands/feet and generally being cold regardless of the weather or temperature

  • Insidious weight gain

  • Inability to lose weight no matter what you do

  • Weak arms. Can be general weakness like not being able to hold something heavy for a long time and/or this might manifest as tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Low energy and stamina

  • Serious depression or general malaise. Aside from sadness and despair, hypo-depression sometimes manifests as the feeling of being paralyzed with lack of motivation and being unable to do anything about it, even though you know something is wrong with you. It’s like you just can’t seem to take action to help yourself

  • Needing a nap every day

  • Constipation

  • Sluggish reflexes. I became very clumsy and would knock over everything and bump into everything, even though I was an extremely coordinated, very athletic person

  • Dry cracked skin on heels, ankles, and sometimes it shows up on the inside edge of an index finger and looks like very dry, scaly, cracked skin

  • Hair feels like a rubber band when touched or pulled, yet it breaks easily.

  • Hair loss

  • Loss of curliness in curly or wavy hair

  • Inability to focus and concentrate. Extremely difficult to read, learn, or sustain mental focus, even while watching a film or a TV show. One has to reread paragraphs in order to retain the information. Someone could be talking to you and you have trouble comprehending what they are saying

  • Mixing up words in speech sort of like dyslexia of the mouth. Difficulty remembering words - not being able to speak properly (sometimes slurred speech) or an inability to say the words correctly

  • Lower, deeper voice or scratchy/raspy voice. Clearing your throat often

  • Brain fog and forgetfulness

  • Menstrual irregularities such as heavy bleeding, constant bleeding, uterine fibroids/polyps, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), miserable and long-lasting PMS. Miscarriages or infertility

  • Unhealthy cholesterol results

  • Low body temperature

  • Uncomfortable feeling in the throat/neck area Feeling “choked up,” similar to when you are about to cry or when you feel like you can’t speak in a stressful situation, that “lump in your throat” feeling. Difficulty swallowing, constantly clearing one’s throat, and/ or not wanting clothing to cover or touch the neck.

  • Digestive problems like gas, constipation, abdominal bloating, candida, SIBO, etc.

  • Problems at work or the inability to function well at work

  • Relationship issues with family, friends, romantic partners, work colleagues, etc.

  • Increased or uncontrollable cravings for sugar and carbohydrates

  • Allergies - also related to untreated or mistreated Hashimoto’s.

  • Messy handwriting - stemming from issues with brain-hand-muscle dexterity; it feels hard to get the words from your brain through your hand onto the paper.

  • Heart palpitations. Especially when lying feels as though your heart is pumping and thumping loud and strong in your chest and you are “aware” of your heartbeat like never before, and it feels scary. Often related to adrenals and/or low iron

  • Restless legs. Uncontrollable compulsion to continually readjust one’s legs (Feels like you cannot find a comfortable position). Most noticeable at night

  • Swelling and inflammation

  • Puffy eyes and face upon waking, and a general feeling of overall puffiness and bloat

  • Myxedema - swelling of the skin and underlying tissues is typical of patients hypothyroidism. Discoverable by visual assessment and not being able to pinch a miniscule bit of skin on the outside of your arms, near your shoulders. Instead you're only able to pinch a thick, large portion of skin

  • Stomach fat and a growing “tire” around your waist - thyroid and adrenal related

  • Headaches

  • Constant thirst - and water won’t quench it

  • Feeling as if something wrong is happening to your brain, as if you are getting “dumb” and losing your cognitive abilities

  • Anxiety attacks

If you are facing any of these hypothyroid symptoms (or others not mentioned)... seize the moment & take action now. Arm yourself with knowledge to forge the path toward your healthier future.


 Ena Pejkovic 

"I just wanted to thank you on this amazing course, The thyroid course is so incredible, full of excellent information and life-changing! The way you go through so many lab examples really helped me to realize how thyroid is supposed to function. I am also very thankful for your conversations with Dr. Foresman - he is so knowledgeable!"


  • A digital copy of my #1 bestselling book The Paleo Thyroid Solution

  • Thyroid hormone dosing protocols and in-depth video tutorials on evaluating a variety of lab results and related solutions.

  • 1-hour tutorial with Gary E. Foresman MD on thyroid issues including thyroid hormone dosing, Reverse T3 issues, Hashimoto's, TSH Suppression, and more.

  • 2-hour tutorial with Gary E. Foresman MD on gut health and digestion and how to approach solving gut issues such as: SIBO, candida, leaky gut, infections, food sensitivities, microbiome imbalances, and much more.

  • 1-hour tutorial with Gary E. Foresman MD on detoxification and how to tackle toxic overload whether it be heavy metals, mold, or others toxins.

  • 1-hour tutorial from New York Times bestselling author Brad Kearns. Topics Covered: Primal-Paleo lifestyle and diet principles, fat-burning, insulin, glucose, cortisol/adrenals, KETO, exercise (From athletes to the sedentary), obesity, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, developing metabolic flexibility, and the benefits of the paleo/ancestral lifestyle.

  • 90-Minute autoimmune tutorial with Palmer Kippola, author of Beat Autoimmune. Palmer cured herself of Multiple Sclerosis! She also has hypothyroidism and lives a vibrant, healthy life on NDT thyroid hormone replacement.

  • 1.5 hour tutorial with filmmaker and author, CJ Hunt - on ancestral health + his personal journey with Reverse T3 hypothyroidism and solving it with T3-only.

  • 1-hour conversation with double-certified health coach Elizabeth Resnick on what to eat and how to make paleo-primal living easy and practical. 

  • 1-hour conversation with Barbara Diaz De Leon RN, PHC, CTNC on her Hashimoto's journey - from the depths of sickness to vibrant health coach.

  • Over 6 hours of bonus content: Audios of success stories plus various thyroid related topics including: Low Dose Naltrexone, Perimenopause and Menopause, Hyperthyroidism/Graves Disease. Includes a guided healing meditation, and more!

  • Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase the course.

  • You can access the course on your computer and smartphone.


 Coleen P. 

"I absolutely love Elle’s course. It is so thorough and easy to understand. It is taking me longer that it should to finish because I keep going back to re-listen. There is so much info! Thank you Elle for being such an amazing voice for all those who suffer with thyroid disease. You are the best!"


  • Module 1: Course Introduction, Downloadable Materials, Guides & Resources

  • Module 2: Free Thyroid Masterclass Video

  • Module 3: Introduction to Hypothyroidism

  • Module 4: Evaluating Thyroid Labs Part 1

  • Module 5: Evaluating Thyroid Labs Part 2

  • Module 6: Lab Tests & More Part 1

  • Module 7: Lab Tests & More Part 2

  • Module 8: Dosing NDT & T4/T3 Combinations

  • Module 9: Reverse T3 & T3-Only Dosing Protocols

  • Module 10: Explaining Paleo-Primal-Ancestral Health Principles

  • Module 11: Stress, Emotions, and Dealing With Loved Ones

  • Module 12: Tutorial on Thyroid Issues with Gary E. Foresman MD

  • Module 13: Tutorial on Digestion and Gut Health with Gary E. Foresman MD

  • Module 14: Tutorial on Detoxification with Gary E. Foresman MD

  • Module 15: Paleo-Primal-Keto Tutorial with Brad Kearns

  • Module 16: Autoimmune Tutorial with Palmer Kippola

  • Module 17: Paleo-Primal Health Tutorial with Double-Certified Health Coach Elizabeth Resnick

  • Module 18: Paleo & Hashimoto’s Tutorial and Success Story with Barbara Diaz De Leon (RN, PHC, CTNC).

  • Module 19: Thyroid Cancer Success Story - Carrie Forrest

  • Module 20: Reverse T3 Success Story - Debby Marine

  • Module 21: Hashimoto’s Success Story - Cara Haun

  • Module 22: Paleo Tutorial & T3-Only Success Story - CJ Hunt

  • Module 23: Closing Thoughts


6+ hours of audio on thyroid related topics, a guided healing meditation, and downloadable guides.


Jacki C. 

“Elle explained all of the numbers better than anyone else. Oh wait!...She is the ONLY ONE who has ever explained the numbers and the differences between T3, T4, Reverse T3, etc. I broke down crying today thinking about my past 20+ years and realizing how many of them were actually affected by undiagnosed thyroid issues. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge Elle!”


While I shared as much as I could in my book, it was limited to a few hundred pages - offering a virtual course gave me unlimited room to delve into the nuances of thyroid disorders and provide hours of tutorials on treatment protocols, and more.

Feel free to buy a copy of my book prior to investing in the course
*The course comes with a free digital copy

Osvaldo Villarreal MD 

"I first learned about you on the Carnivore MD podcast and you dropped some serious knowledge. I listened to those two podcasts about 10 times and wrote notes. I am sorry we doctors jacked you up but you are helping so many people now. I have listened to you on other podcasts as well and bought your book. Whenever I meet someone with a thyroid issue, I tell them to get your book. I tell them you are not a doctor but you sure as hell know more than most doctors - including me! I am a Pediatrician but some parents are making appointments to see me because their doctors are failing them. Don't worry...I won’t be a dumbass doctor :-)"


"Elle is just great at articulating and explaining - enough for a child or an adult to take in the information she gives. I will probably be going over the information this great teacher has to offer in this course a few times."


In The Ultimate Thyroid Course you will learn that a lot of patients on NDT, T4/T3 Combinations, or T3-only have doctors who see a suppressed TSH on labs and freak out and immediately reduce the patients dose. This is one of the biggest issues with uninformed doctors and the misunderstanding about this rages on as thyroid patients are kept SICK DUE TO A MISUNDERSTANDING of the facts behind this "false fear." A fully suppressed TSH lab result often looks like a value of 0.01 on a TSH blood result.

Below is an excerpt from a Q&A in my book with Dr. Gary E. Foresman MD regarding a SUPPRESSED TSH. I cannot even count the amount of times I have had to cut & paste the below section into emails, social media posts, etc., because it is one of the biggest failures of uninformed doctors and keeps patients sick. 

The below commentary from Gary E. Foresman MD applies to patients on a T4/T3 combo like compounded, synthetic, or Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT), or patients on T3-only.  The following information is NOT APPLICABLE AT ALL for thyroid patients who only take T4-only (levothyroxine) as their sole thyroid hormone replacement. 

“Studies from decades and decades ago indicated that a suppressed TSH might be an issue. What they used to do more than twenty-five years ago was give high doses of Synthroid (T4) to patients with the intention of suppressing their TSHs in order to shrink thyroid gland nodules. A very bad, outdated protocol that doctors no longer practice. At the time, they used such high doses of T4 that they were making some people chronically hyperthyroid and of course were seeing bone loss, arrhythmias, etc. The medical community stopped implementing that practice because of those outcomes. But unfortunately, as a result of that antiquated practice, there are still doctors who think that a suppressed TSH is dangerous to the patient. 

All of the studies in the last few decades indicate that TSH suppression has no association with some of those feared results, like osteoporosis. Interestingly enough, my patients with the lowest TSH values have the best bone density scores. I have had patients move to another state, and their new doctor refuses to prescribe desiccated or compounded. And as soon as the doctor sees a suppressed TSH, the doctor freaks out and lowers the patient’s thyroid medication.

It’s an antiquated belief system based upon decades-old history of using suppressive thyroid hormone to shrink thyroid nodules. As a result, doctors are still afraid of suppressing TSH, even though the literature has shown for decades now that you can suppress the TSH with no metabolic consequences whatsoever. A suppressed TSH does not lead to heart failure, it does not lead to arrhythmia, and it does not cause osteoporosis." - Gary E. Foresman, MD 


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