From Confidence Author & Expert, Elle Russ

As the author of Confident As Fu*k, I am thrilled to offer you this fun and inspiring masterclass that will teach you what confidence is (and isn't) and how to attain it, through actionable steps and through true stories. Tangible, juicy, real-world advice that will ignite your inner-self towards a new life.

This is designed as a mini course and can be accessed on any device, even your smartphone.

 More than 80% of people struggle with self-esteem and confidence 


Self-confidence significantly influences success in personal and professional realms. 93% of people view it as critical to professional success.

Confident people are the happiest in the world

You generate confidence from within, it is not given to you. It is a choice.

Confident people tend to be more emotionally stable

Confidence increase positive self-image

Confidence make you more resilient.

Confident people don't allow others to determine their success.


Audio Testimonial

Lauren Grace Martinson 

Lauren is a superstar clinical hypnotherapist and coach  - she was a student in a group confidence coaching program I previously offered.

Audio Clip - Confidence Testimonial
Lauren Martinson

Audio Testimonial

Barbara Diaz De Leon RN, PHC, CTNC 

Barbara is a Registered Nurse and double-certified health and wellness coach. After she was in my group coaching confidence program I previously offered...she went on to author the #1 bestselling book Feel Great in 28! Her confidence has soared and she is the perfect example of it never being too late to succeed at this.

She is also the founder of Daily Wellness for You. She had her own remarkable body and mind transformation, and she helps women in midlife and beyond lose weight, gain energy, and live the life they deserve.

Audio Clip - Confidence Testimonial
Barbara Diaz De Leon

David Cowan

Sometimes the truth hurts, but needs to be said. Elle has created a blueprint on how to become confident. I have spent the majority of my life getting walked over. I thought I was just being a nice person, turns out I have just been extremely insecure. I felt like a weight was lifted off my chest and I could breath. I now have the tools to take control of my life.

Cindy L.

Elle Russ' confident words started to warm me like I was talking to a real friend. Someone who believes in me and was intimate enough to not BS me about where I might be failing myself. And yes, it's always me getting in my own way. Point by point she illuminated things I may have heard before in a way that I could digest them, try them on, walk into the world with her insights and gather the results.

Scott Davis

Elle is one of the most authentic "tell it like it is people" around, and I really admire the fact that she's always been willing to share the ups and downs that got her where she is today. Although everyone's heroes journey is different, Elle's examples of mindset, communication, patterns, relationships, positivity, intention, attitude, and so much more...empower you with the tools to make it happen.


Arielle Ford

Bestselling Author of The Soulmate Secret, Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate, and more titles.

"In Confident As Fu*k - Elle Russ serves up an entertaining, unfiltered approach to catapult you on a path of warranted self-examination."

Marissa B.

LOL "Y'all need Elle" is one of my favorite things to say to my new friends. Whether it's self-esteem issues or thyroid issues. 

Sara Warmington

These days confidence is not a "given". Most people not only struggle with anxiety and depression but also with a lack of confidence. The way Elle explains your ability to gain confidence, taking you through her stories and her vulnerability - is like no other. The life lessons learned are priceless. Thank you.

Richard J.

I figured with a title like Confident As Fu*k ,you really do have to be confident. I expected an interesting and possibly humorous perspective. I got WAY more than that. What a journey! I was incredibly inspired and also moved very deeply by an unexpected vulnerability and honesty. Fate had my back, stumbling upon this author. It was a much needed consciousness lifter. The perfect start to my year.



  • 90-minute confidence video tutorial with¬†me.

  • 7 Secrets to Manifesting Success With Confidence¬† - eBook and workbook

  • 10-minute guided money meditation

  • Confidence affirmations mp3

  • 3-month¬†Manifestation Journal

  • Audio Clips of Confidence Success Stories
  • Privacy - you cannot see other masterclass participants and¬†they cannot see you.