Osvaldo Villarreal MD 

"I first learned about you on the Carnivore MD podcast and you dropped some serious knowledge. I listened to those two podcasts about 10 times and wrote notes. I am sorry we doctors jacked you up but you are helping so many people now. I have listened to you on other podcasts as well and bought your book. Whenever I meet someone with a thyroid issue, I tell them to get your book. I tell them you are not a doctor but you sure as hell know more than most doctors - including me! I am a Pediatrician but some parents are making appointments to see me because their doctors are failing them. Don't worry...I won’t be a dumbass doctor :-)"

 Desi Pinheiro 

"After 14 years of struggling with hypothyroidism and refusing to take thyroid hormone replacemment because I did not understand what my labs were saying and what the meds would actually do, I am finally on the path to an optimized thyroid! I have been dealing with Hashimoto’s Disease since 2008. I started following a primal/paleo diet in 2010 and made great strides in managing my symptoms but I was still hypothyroid (I know now that even though many times my thyroid was technically testing within “normal range”, it wasn’t normal).

The Ultimate Thyroid Course changed everything for me. I am currently on a path to optimization and have so much hope. Aside from that, I am a Primal Health Coach. After completing the course, I posted online about how much I learned from it and was immediately bombarded with messages from other women who are having the same issue and are desperate for help. Because of this course, I get to help myself and so many others now. I cannot say enough good things.

Thank you, Elle Russ, and all the fantastic people you brought in to create this course!"

 Sheila M. 

“This course is incredible and I found myself re-watching and re-listening to several modules. The way Elle captures and explains thyroid issues and various solutions is so easy to understand and I have never heard anyone explain this topic so well. The expert tutorials and success stories in the course were valuable and very encouraging. I highly recommend!” 

 Ena Pejkovic 

"I just wanted to thank you on this amazing course, The thyroid course is so incredible, full of excellent information and life-changing! The way you go through so many lab examples really helped me to realize how thyroid is supposed to function. I am also very thankful for your conversations with Dr. Foresman - he is so knowledgeable!"


"Just wanted to let you know that I bought your ultimate thyroid course and really enjoyed it. My son was diagnosed with Hashimoto's when he was four years old. They immediately placed him on levothyroxine and have not really done anything to move away from that yet, but now that I have the knowledge - I am looking forward to finally being able to help my son!"

Jacki C. 

“Elle explained all of the numbers better than anyone else. Oh wait!...She is the ONLY ONE who has ever explained the numbers and the differences between T3, T4, Reverse T3, etc. I broke down crying today thinking about my past 20+ years and realizing how many of them were actually affected by undiagnosed thyroid issues. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge Elle!”

Chris Lewis 

"Elle's thyroid course explains things very well, especially with how to interpret labs which normally can be very confusing! There are also resources (groups, experts, websites, doctors, etc.) that are all very helpful."

Maggie Brown MD 

"Elle - you’ve changed my life! I’m an MD with 20 plus years of clinical experience & I just fixed my thyroid problem after listening to you! For years I’ve been taking Levothyroxine. However, I felt miserable - cold, constipated, cranky and tired all the time. My hair kept falling out like crazy. I’ve been on a Paleo-Keto-Carnivore journey for over a year / my ferritin levels are perfect. I couldn’t figure it out until I tested my Free T3 - which was super low! I finally got some T3 & now I am checking ALL of my patients! Thank you so much! I’ve bought your books & give ‘em out like candy! Thank you for being kick-ass!"

 Coleen P. 

"I absolutely love Elle’s course. It is so thorough and easy to understand. It is taking me longer that it should to finish because I keep going back to re-listen. There is so much info! Thank you Elle for being such an amazing voice for all those who suffer with thyroid disease. You are the best!"