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Spiritual Adulting: Embrace Growth, Mindfulness, and Authenticity on Your Spiritual Journey

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What is Spiritual Adulting?

Spiritual adulting is the practice of approaching life with a mature, and grounded spiritually-aware mindset.

Enjoying Rituals Without Dependency

I’m all for some sage burning and candle lighting, but your vibe behind these rituals can tell you whether or not your are on the right track. Rituals, such as burning sage, lighting Palo Santo, or using crystals during a full moon while burning a list of grievances…I am not discounting these practices if they feel good to you. However, if you feel compelled to perform these rituals out of a belief that they are necessary for your spirituality or manifestation, this mindset reflects spiritual adolescence rather than spiritual adulting.

The key is to examine your intentions: Are you engaging in these rituals out of joy and connection, or out of fear and a sense of obligation? True spiritual adulting involves understanding that your power and spirituality come from within, not from external practices.

Embracing Responsibility and Self-Awareness

At the heart of spiritual adulting is the willingness to take responsibility for our lives. This means acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses, owning our decisions, and combining action with our intentions.

Authentic Connections

Spiritual adulting also involves nurturing authentic relationships. This means being honest, open, and vulnerable with those around us, and allowing ourselves to connect on a deeper level. It’s about finding a balance between giving and receiving, and supporting others while also honoring our own needs and boundaries.

Compassion and Forgiveness

Compassion and forgiveness are essential aspects of spiritual growth. By extending kindness to ourselves and others, we can release grudges and move forward with a lighter heart. Remember, forgiveness is not about condoning harmful behavior, but rather freeing ourselves from the burden of stagnant resentments

Continual Learning and Growth

The journey of spiritual adulting is ongoing. It requires us to continually seek knowledge, reflect on our experiences, and strive for personal and spiritual development. Each challenge we face is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and to grow in wisdom and grace.

So, check yourself. How you are doing spirituality and it is serving you - or is it igniting fear and anxiety?

You got this.

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