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Welcome to my Thyroid Masterclass - your chance to gain clarity and understanding of your thyroid issues! I have 10+ years of experience helping thousands around the world in 20+ countries.

I am the author of the #1 bestselling book, The Paleo Thyroid Solution and the creator of the most comprehensive thyroid healing program - The Ultimate Thyroid Course.

In my Thyroid Masterclass, you will learn how the thyroid works, which blood tests are essential, and how to interpret the results. More than that, you will gain the confidence to navigate thyroid-related issues with hope, instead of feeling discouraged.

Designed as a mini-course, you can watch, listen, or read the content on any device.

Let's break through the confusion together and take control of your thyroid health.

 Undiagnosed, or mistreated thyroid issues can put you at risk for: 


Hormonal imbalances

High blood pressure

High cholesterol

Type 2 diabetes

Insulin resistance

Cardiovascular disease


Gynecological issues: Infertility, miscarriages, fibroids, PCOS etc.

Adrenal fatigue


And more.

 For over a decade I have helped thousands of people in 20+ countries resolve their thyroid issues. I personally suffered twice in a decade with severe bouts of hypothyroidism, and conquered both on my own without the help of a doctor. My life is symptom-free, and I have been thriving for over a decade now.

I deeply understand that having thyroid issues is overwhelming, depressing, lonely, and scary. I cried multiple times a day while struggling with thyroid issues and dealing with uninformed doctors who kept me sick, misdiagnosed me, and never helped me.

I was riddled with over 30 hypothyroid symptoms and I was left in the dust by over two dozen endocrinologists and hormone specialists in Los Angeles. No one could help me.

Why couldn't I find a doctor to help me? Why are 60% of people undiagnosed and millions are still suffering under the care of a medical doctor or an endocrinologist? These medical professionals are uninformed due to using 40-year-old outdated thyroid protocols no longer practiced by informed, up-to-date doctors, and experts like me.



Debby suffered at the hands of uninformed doctors but eventually coached with Elle and got some relief with NDT thyroid hormone replacement (for a few years)...but then things took a turn. Debby developed a Reverse T3 problem and is now thriving on T3-only thyroid hormone replacement. If you would like to follow Debby on Instagram, click HERE

Audio Clip - Hashimoto's & Reverse T3 Success Story
Debby Marine



Cara's¬†success story was featured in my book¬†The Paleo Thyroid Solution.¬†Cara¬†was mistreated with Synthroid (T4-only/Levothyroxine) for hypothyroidism by an uninformed endocrinologist for eight years, and during that time suffered from two miscarriages, asthma, a variety of food and other rare allergies‚ÄĒalong with weight gain, depression, and severe exhaustion. She has been feeling great and thriving for many many years now. Listen to a clip from her success story.

Audio Clip - Hashimoto's Success Story
Cara Haun

Dr. Ken Berry MD

Author of Lies My Doctor Told Me

"Elle Russ, although not a medical doctor, can school just about any doctor on thyroid issues. You would think endocrinologists would have the best understanding of thyroid conditions and medications, but quite often they seem to be the least informed. If you suffer from low thyroid symptoms, or suspect you do, even though your lab results are 'normal' ‚Äď you need Elle's help."


I will teach you how the master gland works so that you fully understand the entire thyroid feedback loop and understand how thyroid hormones work


I will teach you the correct blood tests to diagnose hypothyroidism and hashimoto's. I'll show you labs examples from patients so that you can see what healthy and hypothyroid blood results both look like.


Learn how to go about finding a doctor who understands what I understand - or how to help educate your current doctor.


I will breakdown the different options for thyroid hormone replacement, in case your situation requires that you start thyroid hormones.

  • 90-minute video¬†thyroid tutorial¬†with¬†me + bonus MP3s

  • Exclusive: 45-minute audio of me discussing 30+ hypo symptoms and my personal experience with them¬†
  • Excerpts from¬†my #1 book¬†The Paleo Thyroid Solution and other resources

  • Audio thyroid success stories

  • My Free Thyroid Guide¬†- includes¬†my list of recommended¬†blood¬†tests, how to evaluate a doctor's practice before scheduling an appointment, sample recipes from my¬†Fun Paleo Recipes¬†cookbook, and more.

  • 10-minute guided healing meditation

  • Privacy: You cannot see other masterclass participants and¬†they cannot see you.


Kendra G.

I’ve been researching and reading and on such a quest and in this masterclass you’ve explained the whole deal better than anyone and you’ve given me more hope than anyone that all my symptoms can be fixed. 

Liliya R.

This masterclass was excellent and so easy to understand!

Alicia Cardona

I spent many years wasting my time on the web searching for reliable thyroid information with no luck. Then I found Elle's thyroid class and it changed my life. I didn't know that I was missing something from my testing, and this led me to change treatment in the right direction, finally! Thank you so much Elle!

Gabrielle Reece

Volleyball legend, New York Times Bestselling Author & Inspirational Health and Fitness Leader

"In the confusing world of health and nutrition, The Paleo Thyroid Solution offers simple and easy protocols that can have a great impact on one's journey to wellness."

Marilyn P.

I have never heard or learned as much of my condition as I did after this masterclass. Why have my doctors never addressed these issues with me?! So much time lost - but thanks to Elle I will be better in years to come. Much gratitude.

Dr. Maggie Brown, MD

Elle - you‚Äôve changed my life! I‚Äôm an MD with 20 plus years of clinical experience & I just fixed my thyroid problem after listening to you! For years I‚Äôve been taking Levothyroxine. However, I felt miserable - cold, constipated, cranky and tired all the time. My hair kept falling out like crazy. I‚Äôve been on a Paleo-Keto-Carnivore journey for over a year / my ferritin levels are perfect. I couldn‚Äôt figure it out until I tested my Free T3 - which was super low! I finally got some T3 & now I am checking ALL of my patients! Thank you so much! I‚Äôve bought your books & give ‚Äėem out like candy! Thank you for being kick-ass!

Rita P.

I saw you first on Facebook, but there are so many people claiming to be thyroid experts on there that you quit listening. Except my daughter told me about your book and masterclass and it helped me and is changing me. You are great at this.

  • Cold hands/feet and generally being cold regardless of the weather or temperature
  • Insidious weight gain
  • Inability to lose weight no matter what you do
  • Weak arms. Can be general weakness like not being able to hold something heavy for a long time and/or this might manifest as tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Low energy and stamina
  • Serious depression or general malaise. Aside from sadness and despair, hypo-depression sometimes manifests as the feeling of being paralyzed with lack of motivation and being unable to do anything about it, even though you know something is wrong with you. It‚Äôs like you just can‚Äôt seem to take action to help yourself
  • Needing a nap every day
  • Constipation
  • Sluggish reflexes. I became very clumsy and would knock over everything and bump into everything, even though I¬†was an extremely coordinated, very athletic person
  • Dry cracked skin on heels, ankles, and sometimes it shows up on the inside edge of an index finger and looks like very dry, scaly, cracked skin
  • Hair feels like a rubber band when touched or pulled, yet it breaks easily.
  • Hair loss
  • Loss of curliness in curly or wavy hair
  • Inability to focus and concentrate. Extremely difficult to read, learn, or sustain mental focus, even while watching a film or a TV show. One has to reread paragraphs in order to retain the information. Someone could be talking to you and you¬†have trouble¬†comprehending what they are saying
  • Mixing up words in speech sort of like dyslexia of the mouth. Difficulty remembering words - not being able to speak properly (sometimes slurred speech) or an inability to say¬†the words correctly
  • Lower, deeper voice or scratchy/raspy voice. Clearing your throat often
  • Brain fog and forgetfulness
  • Menstrual irregularities such as heavy bleeding, constant bleeding, uterine fibroids/polyps, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), miserable and long-lasting PMS.¬†Miscarriages or infertility
  • Unhealthy cholesterol results
  • Low body temperature
  • Uncomfortable feeling in the throat/neck area Feeling ‚Äúchoked up,‚ÄĚ similar to when you are about to cry or when you feel like you can‚Äôt speak in a stressful situation, that ‚Äúlump in your throat‚ÄĚ feeling. Difficulty swallowing, constantly clearing one‚Äôs throat, and/ or not wanting clothing to cover or touch the neck.
  • Digestive problems like gas, constipation, abdominal bloating, candida, SIBO, etc.
  • Problems at work or the inability to function well at work
  • Relationship issues with family, friends, romantic partners,¬†work¬†colleagues, etc.
  • Increased or uncontrollable cravings for sugar and carbohydrates
  • Allergies -¬†also related to untreated or mistreated Hashimoto‚Äôs.
  • Messy handwriting - stemming from issues with brain-hand-muscle dexterity; it feels hard to get the words from your brain through your hand onto the paper.
  • Heart palpitations. Especially when lying down...it feels as though your heart is pumping and thumping loud and strong in your chest and you are ‚Äúaware‚ÄĚ of your heartbeat like never before, and it feels scary. Often related to adrenals and/or low iron
  • Restless legs. Uncontrollable compulsion to continually readjust one‚Äôs legs (Feels like you cannot find a comfortable position). Most noticeable at night
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Puffy eyes and face upon waking, and a general feeling of overall puffiness and bloat
  • Myxedema - swelling of the skin and underlying tissues is typical of patients hypothyroidism. Discoverable by visual assessment and not being able to pinch a miniscule bit of skin on the outside of your arms, near your shoulders. Instead¬†you're¬†only able to pinch a thick, large portion of skin
  • Stomach fat and a growing ‚Äútire‚ÄĚ around your waist - thyroid and adrenal related
  • Headaches
  • Constant thirst - and water won‚Äôt quench it
  • Feeling as if something wrong is happening to your brain, as if you are getting ‚Äúdumb‚ÄĚ and losing your cognitive abilities
  • Anxiety attacks

Mark Sisson

New York Times Bestselling Author & Founder of Primal Kitchen Foods & Peluva Footwear

"Elle has framed her professional life into one dedicated to helping others‚ÄĒboth healing and nourishing the physical body and also nurturing the spirit.¬†She will help you help yourself, but you are going to have to do the hard work and the deep reflection. Elle is not about subtlety, soft touches, or nuance. She is dedicated to excellence, transformation, and never looking back, feeling sorry for herself, or turning away from a challenge!"

Julie Pone

Your book was the first time I ever saw a certain symptom I had - written in black and white and described exactly and precise how it feels. I nearly cried when I saw it because I had described that symptoms countless times to doctors, cardiologists...no no freaking avail! Thank you Elle! Everyone, don't stop at Elle's free guide - keep going. 

Angela Bicos, Founder of Tribali Foods

I have literally bought your book and sent it to three of my friends in Europe, who are dealing with hypothyroidism. You're such an inspiration. Keep doing what you do and putting out that information!

Marian Clark @oonawellness 

Elle you are amazing!! Thank you for the gift of your healing journey and being a warrior for thyroid health. I am so grateful for your help!






  • 90-minute video¬†thyroid tutorial¬†with¬†me

  • 45-minute exclusive audio of me discussing 30+ hypo symptoms and my personal experience with them
  • Excerpts from¬†my #1 book¬†The Paleo Thyroid Solution¬†and other resources

  • Audio thyroid success stories

  • My¬†Free Thyroid Guide¬†- includes¬†my recommended¬†blood¬†tests, how to evaluate a doctor's practice before scheduling an appointment,¬†sample recipes from my¬†Fun Paleo Recipes¬†cookbook, and more.

  • 10-minute guided healing meditation

  • Privacy: You cannot see other masterclass participants and¬†they cannot see you.

  • Discount Offer: You get $50 off my Ultimate Thyroid Course if you later decide that you need it.

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