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No One Ever Built A Statue Of A Skeptic

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No One Ever Built A Statue Of A Skeptic blog post elle russ heroes skeptics confidence

I have an alternative spin on a quote originally attributed to a Finnish composer named Jean Sibelius who said, “No one ever built a statue to a critic.” My personal spin on it is "No one ever built a statue of a skeptic.”

Have you ever seen a statute of a person where the description read, “This guy believed in nothing and was always skeptical of the stuff everyone else suggested was possible"? No, because we erect statutes to honor people who lead the charge and believe in something others think impossible.

We honor heroes in our world who go above and beyond what’s considered possible and prove to us that it can be done. They conquered something. This goes for your life as well. Maybe you want to be an opera singer but, “It’s too competitive and so hard to get a talent agent.” The longer you continue to simmer in skepticism, the longer you hold yourself back from the unknown, unmeasurable, unforeseen probabilities that are possible in your life.

There are likely several probabilities you have already missed out on because you were a skeptic focused on statistics and what the majority considers realistic.

Skepticism can limit your belief in your abilities and lead to negative self-talk, leading to inaction and lack of motivation. Additionally, it can cause you to doubt the feasibility of your goals and dreams, leading to hesitance in pursuing them. This can prevent you from taking necessary risks and trying new things, ultimately holding you back from achieving your goals and realizing your dreams.

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