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Reframe Your Thoughts to Boost Confidence and Avoid Negativity from Others

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Pro tip: Stop interfering and messing with other people’s confidence unless you want yours to be messed with. Whenever you shake your head about another person and say to yourself sarcastically, “Yeah right, good luck with that,” you are being a downer. Whether or not it is spoken, those negative thoughts are wrapped up with judgement about how someone else lives their life and their capabilities. And when you judge someone else it usually doesn’t feel good.

I guarantee that if you knew someone was thinking the same kind of thoughts about you…you would feel betrayed. So why would you do it to others, even silently? Give your friends, family, and strangers the benefit of the doubt, and the moment you start shaking your head in judgement, just turn it around and think, “Alright, hold on here, right now I am being a downer about this person’s life, and I am going to sit here and reframe my thoughts until I can honestly wish them the best and envision them successful in their endeavor. I hope they prove me wrong.”

Why do this? Because it nice. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t be a downer friend. It is more likely that that kind of negative thinking will backfire on you. Those negative emotions are hurting you, not your intended target.

It's important to recognize that interfering with someone's confidence can have a detrimental effect on both parties. Not only does it harm the person being judged, but it also affects the person doing the judging. When we judge others, it can cause negative emotions to arise within ourselves, such as envy or insecurity.

To avoid interfering with other people's confidence, it's crucial to reframe our thoughts. Instead of criticizing or doubting someone, we can choose to believe in their abilities and support them. By doing so, we not only lift them up but also boost our own self-confidence.

It's easy to fall into the trap of negative thinking, but with practice, we can train ourselves to have a positive mindset. By making a conscious effort to reframe our thoughts, we can create a more positive and supportive environment for ourselves and those around us.

About the author:  Elle Russ is a #1 bestselling author, world-renowned thyroid health expert, and master coach.Take her Confidence Masterclass HERE  

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