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When You Compete, You Lose: The Pitfalls of Pitting Yourself Against Others

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Man about to start a race relay race When You Compete You Lose The Pitfalls of Pitting Yourself Against Others

How can you win anything if you don’t compete? There is a critical nuance worth exploring here. I always compete to win and be the best, but I never compete against anyone else. I don’t have the mindset of beating others, I solely have the mindset of being the best and winning. Competing against oneself to be the best provides internal motivation, the chance to focus on personal improvement, and satisfaction in personal growth.

There is a vibrational difference of intention here. Competing against others is, in a way, hoping for another person’s failure, and connecting it to your feeling of superiority over them in your success. That is a low self-esteem, low-confidence perspective.

Competing to be the best and winning involves zero negative or comparative energy toward other people. There is no one else involved. Sure, the event or competition might have other contestants, but it is your mindset going into the contest that matters. I believe more winning outcomes are tipped in favor of people who adopt the approach of focusing on being the best versus trying to beat someone else.

Competing against others can lead to a loss of perspective on one's own goals and progress. The focus can shift to comparing oneself to others, leading to feelings of inadequacy or disappointment if one falls short. This external comparison can detract from the intrinsic motivation and satisfaction that come from personal growth and improvement. 

About the author:  Elle Russ is a #1 bestselling author, world-renowned thyroid health expert, and master coach. 

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